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Acura recalling its TLX V6 models, due to the faulty transmission system


Seems another recall has just been started in the US auto industry, and this time it’s Acura, a sub-brand of Japanese carmaker Honda. It has been reported that they are recalling their TLX V6 models, specifically the ones which have been manufactured in 2015. As per the report, Acura sold more than 16,000 cars of the said model in 2015, and it’s recalling 8300 cars under this recalling program. So, basically, more than 50% of cars are being recalled from the market, which is undoubtedly a big deal. The reason for this recall, as per what Acura said in their press release, is the transmission system which is a 9-speed automatic system sourced from ZF.

We knew that Acura was in communication with NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) since September of 2016 regarding this recall plan to update the software in the ZF-sourced transmission system; however, it seemed that something was causing a delay, and we had no idea what till Acura revealed to the press. Acura stated that they were unable to come into an agreement with the Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the final language of the recall program, hence this delay. But seemingly Acura did not wait much and notified the owners of the eligible cars within 60 days, and started the repairing job under this recall program within a short time from then. At this time of writing this report, more than 75% of the recalled cars have been repaired with the updated transmission system.

We came to know from our industry sources that ZF, from which Acura sourced this 9-speed auto tranny, notified many carmakers about this defect in their transmission. Not only Acura, but there are also many other cars from different brands have this auto tranny installed in them, though we don’t know if other companies are also going to recall their vehicles from the market. So far, Acura has this specific transmission only in their 2015 TLX V6 models, so there’s no news of recalling any other Acura models.

And as reports coming to us, ZF confirmed about their defective transmission system. They said that the control unit of the transmission system misreading electrical signals and that causing the car to be shifted into the neutral mode, which can make a running car to be stalled. And, that’s a life-threatening situation.

If you own an Acura TLX V6 model, there’s a good chance that your car can be eligible for this recall program too, considering more than half of the vehicles of that model have been affected. To confirm, you can contact your dealer or directly call the Acura client relation (888) 234-2138 with your car’s VIN number. Alternatively, you can also call vehicle safety hotline of NHTSA, which is (888) 327-4236.

Also in 2016, Acura recalled several models, including ILX, ILX Hybrid, RL, TL and ZDX due to airbag issue on the driver’s side. All those affected cars were equipped with faulty airbags which were susceptible to moisture penetration and therefore could lead to potential damage to the airbag inflator.

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