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Audi recalled 48000 cars due to pump overheating


As reports coming in, Audi, the luxury subsidiary of German auto legend Volkswagen, is in the process of recalling of a little more or less 1200000 vehicles worldwide, which included exactly 47704 cars in Canada and more than 340000 cars in the USA alone. The reason this time said to be the overheating of the coolant pump which can subsequently cause a fire in a vehicle. Audi, being one of the largest players in the luxury car segment, run such recalling campaigns regularly as part of their vehicle safety and warranty program.

The cars which come under this specific recall are as follows – Audi A4 (2013-16 manufacturing year), A5 (manufactured within 2013-17), A6 (2012-15), and Audi Q5 (manufacturing period: 2013-17). All of these cars come with 2.0-liter turbocharged engines equipped in them.

As per the documents of the USA government, Audi said that the electric pumps have a higher chance of getting blocked by the debris coming from the cooling system. There’s also a chance of electrical short caused by the accumulated moisture inside the electric pump. Though there’s no incident of fire reported till now due to such faults, Audi said. The same statement found on the Canada government documents too.

Audi is informing all the owners who own an affected vehicle as part of this recall. Owners are being requested to contact their dealers as the recall process will take place at the dealer’s location. Once received the car there, technicians will inspect the vehicle and will replace the cooling pump without any cost.

However, our source in Audi reported that the re-engineered electric pumps won’t come out before November. Hence the cars will be fitted with an upgraded version of the current pumps by the dealers, till the new re-engineered parts are available.

There has been another recall campaign to rectify this same issue for the same cars just the last year. That time Audi upgraded the software hoping that will sort the problem out, but it seems the problem still persists. So, this time Audi decided to change the pump unit totally to address this issue.

If you’re one of the owners, who owns any vehicle of the same model and year, you’ll receive a recall letter around June 11th, that’s the date Audi will start sending out notification letters to the customers. If your letter is delayed, you can always contact Audi directly to know if your car is included in this recall or not.

Once you call them, the customer care executive will ask for the VIN number to match that with their database and will confirm you. Once confirmed, you can directly bring your car to the dealer’s shop or better call the dealer priorly to fix an appointment according to convenience. If you don’t want the upgraded version of the current pump to be installed in your car, but want the new redesigned part only, then you have to wait till November. To confirm exactly when the new pumps will be available, you can ask the dealer, or talk with the Audi customer care.

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