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Audi Is Recalling 75,000 Vehicles Due to Fuel Injection Fire Risk


Audi, the luxury subsidiary of car-giant Volkswagen, supposedly recalling a total of seventy-five thousand cars, as per the report of Associated Press. What we came to know from the news is that Audi suspects some technical glitches which can cause a fire in those vehicles. The Associated Press mentioned their source, it’s federal government’s document which was got public in last Tuesday, and as per the document – it’s the fuel injection system of those cars which got some manufacturing defects. Such defects could cause leakage in the fuel injection mechanism and can result in a fire if the ignition source somehow comes in contact with leaking fuel. The Associated Press also reported that Audi is trying to start the recalling process as soon as possible, and Audi is going to announce it in media within a day or two. This fuel leakage, if not quickly rectified, could potentially damage the car and life of the passengers could be in danger too; hence Audi doesn’t want to delay the recalling procedure anymore.

The vehicles Audi is recalling, come from both categories, Sedan and SUV. As AP reported, the models of the cars are as follows:

  • Sedan – A8
  • SUV – A6, A7, and Q7

The A8 sedan models, which were manufactured within the period of 2015 to 2018, are being recalled, on the other hand, they are recalling SUV models (A6, A7, Q7) made within the year of 2016 to 2018. Though there are no reports of any damage or life threat due to this particular glitch, neither from media nor government yet, Audi seems to be taking action proactively based on their own finding, Associated Press stated. The car owners, who own any impacted vehicle, will get the notification mail regarding this recall from Audi within March, As per the AP report. Fuel injector rails, from both right and left side, will be replaced by Audi in this recall process, and Audi will bear the full expense, car owners won’t have to pay anything.

In the last year 2018 alone, Volkswagen replaced the coolant pumps of more than a million Audi vehicles in another recall drive. That time it was another manufacturing glitch in the electric components of those coolant pumps, which caused an overheating issue in many vehicles, and Volkswagen then replaced the pumps in affected vehicles.

Volkswagen, which is the parent company of many luxury brands including Audi, seemingly going through a rough patch since the last few years. They have been fined with more than one billion USD in the USA and European countries by the end of last year, due to the infamous diesel gate scandal. For those who don’t know, it was found that Volkswagen has been tampering their car’s internal emission software system to manipulate the emission report. Reports coming that other countries like India is also going to fine Volkswagen very soon, and that will not end there most likely. The stock price of Volkswagen is in steady decline since the diesel gate news broke in media, and their sales figure has been affected as well.

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