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Audi Recall of 127000 Cars Due to Emission Violation


KBA automobiles from Germany has discovered illegal software used to manipulate emission data in few of Audi’s latest models, including the recently released Euro-6 based diesel vehicles. KBA automobiles then subsequently recalled an approximate 127,000 units of cars from the same category from the market. This announcement came to light when Bild am Sonntag picked up the story.

The spokesperson of Audi, which is a subsidiary of German auto giant Volkswagen, reportedly said that they already had recalled 850,000 cars in July voluntarily, which is fitted with V6 and V8 TDI diesel engines. The spokesperson further stated that they are already in the process of rectifying the faulty software, which has been in question. He claimed that every car which has the same software will be totally revamped with the updated software and will be tested thoroughly and then the vehicles will be sent for KBA’s approval before rereleased in the market for sale. However, he denied commenting over KBA’s accusation when reporters asked for more details.

As per the report of Bild am Sonntag, KBA, the Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany, asked Audi to give an explanation within 2nd February, and also asked for a detailed report of their planning to update and modify their emission control software system. Clearly, KBA seems to be on a no-compromise mode and wants to make sure no vehicle Audi can bring in the market without updating the old software to so that no emission data can be manipulated.

Audi, however, again confirmed that they are fully cooperating with the KBA in this matter since long and they are already checking all of their diesel cars for any such faults. They said that they are already aware of the situation, and appropriate measures have been taken as per the KBA’s instructions. They said that this notice is explicitly meant for the V6 TDI cars and is just a part of this ongoing update process.

The German automaker recalled 5000 vehicles from their Europe market in last November to address a software issue once they found that the cars are emitting significantly more nitrogen oxide than the regulated level. This is the same gas which the US emission regulation authority found up to 40 times higher in the real-world situation than the lab testing environment back in 2015, which is infamously known as “DieselGate”, the most scandalous expose in the history of automobiles.

For those who are not aware, Volkswagen, Audi’s parent company, was accused of intentional manipulation of the engine software to produce different results in laboratory and real-world driving. Where their diesel cars were showing the nitrogen oxide emission is well under the required level, could actually emit that harmful gas up to forty times higher on the road. This news came in September 2015, and the car world shattered in surprise.

Though the US authority primarily blamed Volkswagen, it has been found that same engines were installed in several diesel models of Audi too. It was no surprise though, as Audi is a sub-brand of the Volkswagen, they make use of the same engine, powertrain and other components between brands. However, the irony is, though Audi knew they have got the same engine in their cars and therefore those vehicles also needed to be recalled and rectified, they actually kept on producing and selling those cars for years, until KBA served them with the notice. Several media reports blamed Audi for this kind of inaction, and they are practically going through media trial in Germany and all over the European region. Audi, and their parent company Volkswagen, however, denied making any comment over media reports as usual.


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