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BMW announced a recall for fuel pump failure


BMW is said to be recalling almost 160000 cars in the USA and Canada recently. They have reportedly contacted the governments regarding this recall campaign already. The reason behind, as stated by BMW spokesman, is the defected fuel pumps. The recall program will be divided into two parts, one will be for the approximately 130000 cars (2007-10) installed with inline 6 cylinder twin-turbo engines, they will replace the faulty high-pressure fuel pumps in those cars. And another recall is for 20800 vehicles (X5 crossover, manufactured in 2008) equipped with inline 6 cylinder naturally aspirated engines, those cars got defected low-pressure pumps, and BMW will replace the same.

This recall news came at the time when BMW is getting heavily criticized by the media and its customers due to its fuel pump issue. ABC News recently reported that car owners are getting disappointed by the lackluster approach of BMW in handling this long overdue issue. Several consumer surveys also indicate that owners are now losing trust in BMW vehicles reliability, especially the 1 series, 3 series, and 5 series cars which got turbocharged engines under their hoods due to flawed duel systems. Reliability was never BMW’s forte, to be honest. A general perception towards any German-made vehicle is that they are not very reliable, be it BMW or Volkswagen. But this time BMW took a big hit, as their sales figure start to declined and probably that worked as a wake-up call for them.

BMW has already notified its customers about how to identify the fuel pump failure issue in their vehicles. It has some distinct symptoms, like the engine starting problem or longer time to start the engine, and the “service engine soon” light illumination. In some rare cases, one may feel the engine is not able to churn out its typical performance, along with “engine malfunction” signal on the dashboard.

BMW also stated that, in the cases of high-pressure pump failure, a software upgrade should fix the problem. However, for the 40000 other vehicles, software update alone won’t be sufficient as the problem is more severe. A total replacement of the fuel pump system would be necessary for those cars.

Now, coming to the X5 crossovers, the issue here is further complicated. For them, the fuel pump failure can make the engine to stop abruptly, and power delivery to the steering wheel and braking system can be cut off. However, the steering wheel and brakes will still remain functional to some extent. Fortunately, no accident has been reported so far due to such defects.

BMW, as usual, took their own sweet time to acknowledge and respond to this problem. We can only say better late than never! They, however, stated in a press brief that they are consistently working on this problem and their response time to any future problem will improve further.

If any owner faced an accident or injured due to a recalled component, they are eligible to receive compensation as per the law. They can claim for their injuries, medical expenses, disability or of course, in case of death. Contacting a good personal injury lawyer should be the first step in those cases. Many reputed lawyers don’t charge for the initial consultancy.

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