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BMW recalls 300,000 cars that risk stalling completely


Recently BBC Watchdog program revealed that certain models of BMW cars can get stalled abruptly while the vehicle is still being driven, and that caused serious panic among the BMW owners. It seems BMW at least decided to take repair or replace defected components of the affected vehicles, and they announced a recall in the UK.

This recall will apply to several models of BMW cars, and they are 1 and 3 series, X1 (petrol and diesel both variants) and the Z4. All these cars which got built during the period from March of 2007 to August of 2017. A total of 312,000 vehicles of the above models from the said period are being recalled this time.

Last year BMW initiated another recall event where they recalled 36,410 cars (petrol driven) due to some safety issues. BMW said that they are further recalling cars this year too as they found that these cars are also having the same problems, and they were not included in the last year’s recall program; hence, BMW decided to go for another recall this year.

On Christmas of 2016, Narayan Gurung was driving his Ford Fiesta while his wife was sitting with him in the car, and crashed his car as he was trying to avoid a head-on collision with a BMW. The engine of the BMW got stalled abruptly and the brake light failed due to an electrical defect, and the BMW driver was unable to control his car. This incident took place in Guildford town of the UK and was able to attract huge public attention when BBC reported it in its Watchdog show.

BBC ran its own investigation as part of their Watchdog show, and the fact got surfaced by the inquiry was horrible. BBC found that this is not an isolated issue in one single car, in fact, it’s a widespread issue in most of the car of several particular models. BBC interviewed many BMW owners, who were proud of their prized possession, but at the same time were very disappointed by several manufacturing defects which were severe enough to cause an accident and serious injury. Such an owner, when talking with BBC reporter, described how he almost crashed his 3 series BMW in December of 2016, when the engine got stalled suddenly while the car was still running. He said that he is still terrified by that incident and can’t thank God enough for the fact that he wasn’t driving the car on a highway with his family.

He then brought his car to a nearest BMW service station to check what caused the engine break-down. He received a call from BMW the next day, and they said that that the fault has been discovered by their engineers. What was the fault? According to him, when he reached the workshop he was told that it’s the cable which burnt out due to an electrical failure, hence there no current passing through the same.

However, surprisingly BMW let him drive the car without any warning about the severity of the problem and they didn’t even warn him not to run the vehicle. He got furious when he found out that BMW recalled the same model of cars for the exact same problem.

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