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BMW Recalls Cars And SUVs Over Fire Risk


BMW, the German luxury automaker, is going to recall more than 80,000 cars, and they announced it just today. BMW spokesperson, when talking to the reporters, said that they found some issues in positive crankcase ventilation valves, which can cause a fire hazard in the car, if not taken care of. The most important thing is, as BMW spokesperson said, that the issue can cause a fire even in a stationary vehicle while it’s not being driven. BMW found this issue when they were running an internal quality inspection which they do on a regular basis as per their quality control measure.

Positive crankcase ventilation, or PCV, is a system which provides a controlled one-way channel for the harmful gases which gets build up inside of the engine so that the gases doesn’t get exposed to the environment in an uncontrolled manner. It uses a special type of vacuum to draw the gases from the crankcase. It also prevents forced leakage of oil from the engine. PCV valve is vital a component, which needs a heating element which protects the valve in winter condition from being too cold. Now, BMW found that this heating element is not working in its optimal state in some models, resulting in an overheated valve which subsequently can cause a fire hazard, even in a parked car.

According to what BMW spokesperson told us, the affected cars are of following models – sedans and wagons from 1, 3, and 5 series, crossovers like X3 and X5, and Z4 roadsters, and the affected model years are from 2006 through the year 2011. They are in the process of sending notifications to the customers, BMW spokesperson said, owners will be contacted by phone and email.

If you own a BMW car which matches the impacted model and year mentioned above, you will be contacted by the BMW very soon. Or if you don’t want to wait or if you’re not sure if your car is affected, BMW requests you to contact their customer service number or your dealer to get more details.

In this recall process, your car will be examined by the BMW engineers thoroughly, specifically the heating element which is responsible for protecting the PVC valve from freezing. They will replace the heater, which obviously will be done free of charge anyway. Also, as part of this recall drive, they will check your prized BMW for any other quality issues and will repair/replace them as well. However, that further repair or replacement could cost you and that’s totally mandatory, you’ll be asked for your consent before they do any changes to your car. BMW spokesperson also assured us that there will absolutely be no adverse of negative impact in terms of emission, engine performance, oil consumption, and the lifetime of the vehicle overall due to this PVC valve replacement or any other related repair.

This recall program will impact almost half vehicles of what BMW sold total in Canada within the 2006 to 2011 period. So, if you bought a BMW during that time, there’s a big chance that your car is affected too, so check that out with your dealer or by calling BMW’s client care service number. Should your car come under the impacted category, you will have to bring your vehicle to the dealer’s workshop to replace the affected components.

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