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Travel in total confidence with a premium car warranty for your Cadillac. As a trusted leader in the auto warranty industry, Warranty World is committed to making your ownership experience pleasant and trouble-free. Unexpected breakdowns are disruptive, expensive and unavoidable, that’s why we offer the best coverage imaginable for a wide range of high-performance vehicles, no matter the make, year or kilometrage count.


any year

Whether your car is just out of the dealership or you’ve had it for over a decade, be assured while you drive that you’ll be covered by one of Warranty World’s comprehensive warranties, available for vehicles of any year.

any model

It doesn’t matter if you’re driving the latest top-of-the-line luxury vehicle or a rare discontinued variant, Warranty World has warranty plans available for your vehicle. Drive with ease of mind knowing that your car will be covered in the event of any issues.

any mileage

Warranty World has warranty plans available for any mileage on your car, whether it's 1,000 or 100,000 kilometers, you can drive confidently knowing that Warranty World has your back in the event of a breakdown.

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Benefits of Cadillac Warranty for New Vehicles

  • 4-years / 80,000 km
  • 6 years / 112 000 km
  • 20,000

Once you become an owner, Cadillac commits to ensuring you are protected with a world-class warranty.

Bumper to Bumper

Cadillac backs your new vehicle with its no deductible, Bumper-to-Bumper Limited Warranty. Complete protection on all parts for 4-years or 80,000 km, whichever comes first.

Powertrain Limited Warranty

Standard Warranty is valid for vehicles 2013 and newer for 6-years or 112,000 km. Covering defects due to material and/or workmanship to the engine, transmission, or drive systems.

24 Month/ Unlimited Kilometer Limited Parts Warranty

If any part on the list below was installed by GM, you can rest assured it is protected. Parts covered include:

  1. GM Original Equipment Brakes, Rotors, Alternators and Starters
  2. Professional Brakes, Rotors, Alternators and Starters

Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty

General Motors offers a Limited Lifetime Parts Warranty on specific service parts sold by GM dealers:

  1. Chassis Parts
  2. Fuel Pumps – Electronic
  3. Ignition Wire Sets
  4. Radiators
  5. Shock Absorbers/Struts
  6. Wheel Bearings – Hub Bearings

12 Month Unlimited Parts Warranty:

General Motors offers a 12-month/unlimited-kilometer coverage including labor if the part was installed by a GM dealership (see list below):

  1. Advantage Wheel Bearings – Hub, Shocks, Struts, Brakes and Chassis Parts.
  2. Parts that include bolts, fasteners, grommets, spacers, shims, washers, and clips


As one of the very first automobile brands in the world, everything Cadillac does is tried, tested, and true. Cadillac carries a strong vision to remain at the top as a world leader in the transportation industry. By making ongoing improvements anchored in integrity, and innovation, Cadillac carefully ensures superior quality in all endeavors. All Cadillac parts are completely interchangeable. This innovative aspect (pioneered by Cadillac) was one of the foundational elements which ultimately allowed automobile production to become what it is today.

Cadillac embodies innovation. The original inventor of the electric starter and constantly reinventing how we drive, Cadillac continues a 115-year journey to drive the world forward. There’s no end in sight. Cadillac is now focusing more intently on smart technology. Hands-free driving and cross-vehicle communication are some of the new technologies being implemented into new Cadillacs.

2019 XT5

The 2019 XT5 is currently Cadillac’s most popular car, with over twice as many sales this year compared to all other Cadillac models! The 310 horsepower, 5 seat crossover sports a V6 engine and over 20 optional upgrades. The XT5 is where style meets versatility.

2019 Escalade

The 2019 Escalade continues Cadillac's legacy of monolithic SUV design. With 420 horsepower, a V8 engine, and a fully-loaded interior, the 2019 Escalade exceeds all expectations. Grand scale ambition, iconic design, innovative technology, and superior craftsmanship. The Escalade is the original icon of arrival.

2019 CTS

The 2019 CTS offers classic sedan elegance coupled with racetrack level performance. With 268 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque, the 2019 CTS packs serious power. The CTS offers a rare 50/50 front to rear weight ratio. Perfect balance means handling that is truly remarkable. Tuned for ultimate performance on Germany’s Nürburgring racetrack for an unmatched driving experience.

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Fully-Insured Used Vehicle Warranty

Transfer Case
Turbo Charged
Here at Warranty World, we’re able to resolve virtually every issue you may experience. Cylinder heads and the engine block may cause you some trouble, but not worry, Warranty World has that covered. It’s important to note however that the above is not covered if related to overheating (regardless of what the cause may be). Warranty World also covers any and all parts that are known to be lubricated. This includes the following; camshafts, crankshafts, bearings of all types, connection points and connection rods, gears, timing chains, belts, tensioners, rocker arms, all valves, pistons, valve guides, valve springs, all other valve parts, all lubricated pins and pin assemblies, as well as piston rings and similar parts. It is important to note that diesel fuel injection systems are not included under our coverage.
Transfer Case
Turbo Charged

Cadillac Recalls List

It’s important to keep up to date with various recalls as they are declared. Ignoring a recall could lead to a very unfortunate accident. For example, if your seatbelt system is faulty, and may give out on you during an accident, you could die. That’s something that should be taken incredibly seriously. Below we’ve attached a list of Cadillac recalls that are viable and prominent to all modern-day Cadillac models that are on the road currently.


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