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Next KBA approvals: Audi can recall further diesel models in Germany


Here’s news coming that KBA, Federal Motor Transport Authority, has given approval to Audi, and therefore Audi is going to start another recall drive from the very tomorrow. This time they are going to recall more or less sixty-four thousand diesel vehicles, equipped with V-TDI engines under their hood. There are more than 150,000 Audi vehicles in Germany, which run by V-TDI engines and made as per the Euro 6 standard of emission control. That means Audi is recalling two-third of its total Euro 6 diesel vehicles they sold in Germany. While the number is huge and recalling so many cars to repair free of cost could make some severe dents for its balance sheet, on the other hand, it shows Audi is keen to recover from the diesel gate scandal, and they are leaving no stone unturned to prove that they really care about their valued customers. Surely this proactive approach will help Audi rebuilding their image as a luxury carmaker; however, only time will tell if they could reclaim their previous glory.

As per our industry source, Audi was waiting for KBA’s approval on their proposed software upgrade for the V-TDI engines till now, and this news confirms that finally, the KBA has given the green light to Audi’s proposal. In fact, this approval is not only for this recall, but it also applies to three other cases. This approval of KBA directly affects a little more than a hundred thousand cars, which includes the several popular Audi models:

  • SUVs – SQ5 TDI, Q5
  • Sedans – A8, A7 Sportback, and A6

However, A7 Sportback and A6 got their approval just a month before in November. Also, the same V6 TDI engine powering these two models. It seems Audi was waiting for this further approval so that they start recalling this enormous number of vehicles in one go, rather than doing in parts. As all of these models use the same TDI engine to power their feet, the engine software they used, which Audi is going to update as part of this recall program, is the same.

We have talked with Audi, and their representative gave us a fair idea of what kind of job will be undertaken in this recall initiative. The software, which has been detected as tampered or faulty, will be replaced with an upgraded version of the software. Along with the software update, some models will also be checked for defective sensor components and will be substituted. There will be an overall checkup to find if any other problems are there, and will be rectified if needed. All of these will be carried out at Audi’s workshop and will be free of charge, of course. Audi also assured us that there won’t be any change or adverse effect on the overall performance and longevity of the vehicle due to this process, instead will improve the vehicle’s condition. However, if the customer does not want, Audi won’t change or replace any other parts except the engine software up-gradation, because it’s a compulsory recall.

Audi started sending emails to the impacted vehicle owners already, and if you own the same model car and haven’t heard anything from Audi yet, you can contact their customer service number or your dealer.

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